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Tuesday, 17 September 2013 21:39

Emergency Numbers

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Emergency: 9-1-1
Police: 657-4498
Fire: 657-4356
Sheriff: 655-8111
Lake Rangers/Park Police: 481-2617 Texas Department of Public Safety: 800-525-5555

Medical Facilities
Two excellent acute-care medical facilities, a geriatrics hospital, specialty hospitals and a high physician-population ratio reflect San Angelo’s position as a regional medical center. There are also many walk-in clinics in the community.
San Angelo Community Medical Center: 3501 Knickerbocker Road, 949-9511
Shannon Medical Center: 120 E. Harris Ave., 653-6741

Urgent Care Clinics
MediCenter Walk-In-Clinic: 5730 Sherwood Way, 944-3851
Shamrock Clinic North: 2239 N. Bryant Blvd., 658-7561
Shamrock Clinic South: 4208 S. College Hills Blvd., 942-8611